HeroesWit A Litter Page: Shiloh & Beau Puppies

Puppies Arrived 07 June 2015. We have 4 Tervueren Girls 1 Tervueren Boy, 3 Groenendael Boys 1 Groenendael Girl. 1 puppy was stillborn. All  puppies are now in their forever homes.

4 weeks 6 days old

4 weeks old - 2nd adventure on the grass and first meat feed

Puppy Pics 12 Days

Puppy Pics 6 Days Old

Puppies 2 Days Old

Puppy Pics 1 Day Old

Mum and babies are doing well.

Sire: Belgenbeau Avion Boeing (IID)

Dam: Aust Ch Belgenbeau XL Northern Eclipse

Puppies Pedigree