Belgian Shepherd Groenendael & Tervueren


Breed: Australian White Swiss Shepherd

ANKC Reg: Associate Registration

Gender: Bitch

Desexed: Yes

DOB: 04/07/2010

Weight: 44 kg 

Owner: Danika Wilds

​Akasha was my first Australian White Swiss Shepherd dog. She is a wonderful dog and just loves to chase any ball. She is also a water dog like most other Shepherds. She is a very large White Swiss Shepherd even for White Swiss  Shepherds though some of her litter mates are much bigger then she is.

​She has been a very big learning experience for me and I will continue to learn from her. Akasha and I are currently completing our obedience training and we have made it to the highest level at our club before competition which is Level 5. 

​I am very impressed with the progress we have made in the past 12 months. In the last 12 months we have gone from not being able to have any other dogs near Akasha to being able to leave Akasha in a pen with Tibetan Spaniels and other small breed dogs. She has also improved immensely with people and will tolerate them unless they are aggressive towards her (which is the same as with other dogs)